How to manually move a power seat audi

When you own an off-warranty luxury car, the Sword of Damocles hangs over your engine compartment by a horse's hair. Your ears perk up at every sound. Was that a tick? How about that? Nights coil into vortices of primal fear: transmission meltdown, air-suspension fault, full-on powertrain armageddon.

You dream of wolves, vultures, a midterm you haven't studied for. You imagine yourself as every person on that shotgun carousel from Saw VI.

I bought my Jaguar XJR sight unseen on Bring A Trailerhad it shipped from the other side of the country, got it running and registered, then waited for the powertrain to become a mushroom cloud of atomized aluminum. When it didn't, I relaxed for 15 minutes. On the 16th minute, my driver's side power-seat return stopped working. I jiggled the switch in disbelief, accidentally reclining it so far that even with both arms at full stretch I struggled to reach the wheel. I'm not too proud to say I cried out at that sonofabitch in real anguish.

I went to the forums for help. I needed to hear from those who'd seen The Darkness, faced it, and returned battered but alive. I needed a community with answers and secret fixes born from real torment.

I followed a few threads, found a reoccurring issue others had had, and dug in. After some poking around, I figured the switch was probably okay; it was likely the module that was the problem. I pulled the seats out and swapped the driver's side and passenger's side modules, and the seat return sprang to life with a sneering whine. I'd bought myself some time, and my sanity returned.

I still had to find a fix for the module itself, whose leading edge had likely become corroded, cracked, or otherwise damaged. The seat back return circuit -- the first on the board -- was typically the first sign of trouble. I dug deeper into the forum, and found the answer inside one of the many topical threads.

A forum member who'd had the same problem posted the phone number for a retired Navy electronics expert in San Diego who'd fixed his module for a flat fee.

how to manually move a power seat audi

Since then the expert, Darryl, had become a secret MacGyver for other Jag owners bedeviled by janky circuit boards. I called Darryl at home. He told me the module cases were under-protected from the elements. A corrosive combo of moisture seeping in and the circuit board rubbing against the case had damaged countless modules. In fact, he had six of them in for repairs; mine would be the seventh. I sent my module and return postage, and in a few weeks, I had it back.

Darryl even called a week later to verify his handiwork. I pledged to let him know when I got around to making the fix. I'll have to call Darryl back and let him know how it went. By Mike Spinelli June 15, Part 2. Then, while you're waiting for the worst to happen, your power seat glitches out. The Drive.By airmikeDecember 5, in General Cadillac Forums.

I have a dilemma. My drivers seat is not working, along with power tilt wheel and all windows other than drivers front. Not a problem, I'll take the seat out and get to it. The seat is in the exit position, fully back, and covering one of the bolts that holds the seat in the car.

So I take the seat bottom cushion loose so I can get to the wiring. I figure I'll either, ground the main ground into the harness via jumper to battery or body or send power to the motor that will move seat forward to remove it. I have failed in this attempt. I tried using the connectors that you don't cut the wire to attach.

No success so I finally cut the ground wire and grounded it straight to the battery. Still can't move the seat. Any ideas are welcome.

Oh yes 99 sevlle sts. I have a pic of the area under the cushion here to check out. Is there a switch module on the side of the seat? Have you checked for power? Can you get to the seat an jump the switch? In the picture there are 2 wires "scotch-locked" to the motor harnesses. Is this the "jumper you were talking about? What are these for? If these were an attempt to "hot-wire" the motors it may be part of the problem.

The ground and positive terminals are "reversed" depending on direction of motor rotation. This could definitely destroy the seat module.

You should remove the wires and repair the wires with solder and shrink tube or use butt connectors with heat activated sealer. Are any of the wiring harnesses melted burnt etc? The main power comes up from the back of the seat. This usually happens on the seat side of the connector.

Would that wire do the same?

How to Troubleshoot a Car Power Seat

I have seen video of the wire under the carpet that is probably the same wire only upline of that connector?Hyundai Motor Company has announced a recall for the aging Azera due to a concern with the power-adjustable front driver seat. The automaker has already informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the problem that affects 9, units of the Hyundai Azeraproduced between March 7, and August 14, The recall is expected to commence on October 28, and until then, owners of the affected vehicles will be notified by Hyundai.

For additional questions on the topic, owners can contact Hyundai Customer Service at recall numberor the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at Nothing can stop the Suzuki Jimny, apparently; not even a narrow pedestrian overpass with steep ramps.

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All Rights Reserved.Automotive Forums. Hi all, as is all too common one of the motors on my driver seat PA Ultra died recently, the one that controls the recline or back angle Unfortunately this died further forward than I like.

I am wondering if there is any way to manually adjust it to a more comfortable spot? And in a related question, is it possible to swap in the motor from the passenger seat? Doing this just takes time.

For the front seat track platic cover, just lift up and pull out. Move seat full forward to access the seat bolts in the back slide off the plastic cover. Then, lift seat up from the back and the front "hooks" can be lifted from the seat track the driver's seat is heavy and bulky. Once off the track, the seat can be lifted up from the front for fairly easy access to the motors. You can be under the seat in 10 minutes. Not sure about the swap, wondering about this myself I just manually adjusted my passenger seat height an hour ago.

While this is fresh on my mind. Having read your post earlier I looked around. It appears almost of the parts are heavy riveted in and crimped in or same such and appears it's not an easy simple swap for the motors only.

It is also possible that the motor is suppose to run to end of travel and this clutch system is suppose to come into play. IN my case, I was able to apply motor power and turn the worm shafts releasing the pressure on each. They would turn about a turn and again quit. Trading off between each motor assembly I walked the height of the seat down to the lowest level and pulled the power plugs off each motor and installed the seat.

It took me an hour and a half. Trying to wrestle the seat out of it's slotted front mounts was a bit tough. When I finally got it up a diamond ring fell from beside the mount rails with some coin and candy. A recently Ebay purchased car, it was not my ring, not my candy.

Bass, Glad you got your seat adjusted. What a story On getting the seat off the track, I'm surprised it was so difficult. I do remember the seat being heavy.

I think it was at the end of the wormgear shaft attached to the motor, not by the motor itself discovered this on the rack I bought how easy it was to remove. When the new rack came I found a pin that made removal of the motor possible. I think the pin was hard to see and at the end of the bracket The point I remember Manually Adjust dead power seat?The ergonomics of your car plays an unexpectedly important role in allowing you to drive comfortably, which is one of the first and foremost conditions to keep yourself safe on the road.

In particular, the power seats found in every modern car enables you to customize the placement of your chair so that you can optimize your hand-and-feet coordination. In the cases where these electrically controlled seats fail, knowing how to manually move a power seat will come in more handy than you would think. Do not underestimate this maintenance tip.

You can only maneuver your vehicle well and step on those pedals in a timely manner if you are sitting conveniently. If a seat is too cramped or positioned too far away from the pedals, for example, your driving experience can be a frustrating, even stressful one.

Eventually, there will come a time that your power seat will fail, like every other component in your precious vehicle. It could be due to a faulty switch, or it could be the entire system itself.

how to manually move a power seat audi

Learn pro tips on how to fix a power seat that is stuck, and if all fails, learn how to manually move a power seat so that you can drive safely and comfortably before you can get a mechanic to look at the issue.

It is equipped with a set of electric motors that control the positioning or movement of the seat. Another important element is a power switch that looks similar to a small joystick. The role of the switch is to send power to operate the motor of the chair.

Passengers seats can be adjusted through its switch. There are many reasons for a power seat to become stuck. An unmoving power seat is likely a result of a broken power seat switch. You might not be able to move your seat at all, or it might still move but only in limited directions. Scroll down to the end of this guide to learn how to replace the power seat switch. In rare cases, the issue can be caused by stuck debris somewhere in the power seat system.

If this is the case, you should seek professional services to get the power seat back into action. Sometimes you can easily resolve the problem in your own garage. If all fails, temporarily move your power seat manually until you can have a professional look at it. Provided that nothing is hindering the seat movement and the motors are still on, try this tip first when your power seat is acting up.

Simply push the seat downwards with considerable pressure while at the same time moving the seat backward or forward. You can try the same for the side movements. Another simple quick fix is try holding on to the switch and try to move the seat in the desired direction. Another common reason for a stuck power seat is accumulated tension between the seat and the bolts connecting it to the rails. Loosening them may give the seat a maneuvering space and restore it back into action.

Bad contacts can also lead to electrical transmission failure, which means the seat will not receive power to move.

How to Fix a Power Seat Module Without Going Broke or Crazy

Check the contacts of the seat switch mechanism to see if they are clean and check all connection points to make sure the seat is properly powered. Check below the seat for the three cables that connect to the power seat transmission. Make sure they are all connected. A common problem for an immobile power seat is that one cable may be disconnected. All you have to do is to push the cable back to its position.One thing that people may undermine in their cars is the comfort level of their seats.

While it may look like a small thing, it affects how much you enjoy the ride. And being comfortable also reduces the chances of getting tired and causing accidents on the road.

How to Power a Driver Seat When the Onboard Electronics are Not Working

Thus, to keep you, your loved ones and other road users safe, you should consider making your seat as comfortable as it can be. It is as essential as having a good engine and an efficient exhaust system.

It is easy to change speeds and get out of danger when you are well-seated. Where you feel cramped, getting to the pedals might prove difficult. Plus, you can end up feeling annoyed the whole trip, all because the seating is uncomfortable. You will find that in most modern cars, there are power seats. They enable you to adjust the position of the chair to one where you can exercise total hand and feet coordination.

However, over time, the power seat could fail for a lot of reasons. For some people, this owes to a problem in the switch. For others, the entire system is not working. Where this happens, there is no reason why you should subject yourself to terrible driving experiences.

With some DIY in play, you can move your seat as you wish. You could always get a professional to deal with the system. Or you can have some fun by taking matters into your own hands. Power seats work using set switches. The switches are in the car, and they connect to the seat. They send power which operates the movement of the chair. You are thus able to control the movement of the seat as desired. Where the switch does not work, you are unable to use these function. In some cases, you may find that the chair can only move in some directions, owing to a faulty switch.

For this process, you will need the following tools: gloves, safety glasses, a screwdriver, a winder, scissors, a bolt cutter, and a drill.

Having any of their equivalents will also aid in this step. Now, before we get down to the heavy-lifting, there is one thing that you should consider. Suppose you have a unique winder, you can move the seat without much fuss. This winder is the one that comes with the vehicle, straight from the factory.

You can place this tool in the electric motor at the back of the chair or on the right hand. Then turn the winder left where you wish to move the chair forward. Or right where you want to move it backward. With this tool, you can forego these subsequent steps.Car power seats come with varied features to create the best possible position for driver and passenger.

Some even include computer memory to program specific positions for each driver and passenger. Here we will deal with simple but common power seats to test from switches, electric reversible motors and drive assemblies to wiring and steel cables.

how to manually move a power seat audi

The trick when diagnosing car power seats is to focus on the mechanical or electrical problem areas: the mechanism that fails to lower and raise the seat, or the part that slides or tilts the seat forward and backwards. Keep this in mind as you troubleshoot your power seat, whether it comes with one, two or three motors. You only need very basic knowledge of electricity or the desire to learn basic troubleshooting procedures.

Search for one of the most common troubles in power seats: inspect the seat rails and the area under the seat with a flashlight and make sure there are no objects obstructing or preventing seat movement. Inspect the fuse or circuit breaker if both front power seats fail to operate. Turn on the ignition switch, but do not start the engine.

Hyundai Recalls The Azera To Replace Power Seat Switch

Operate the power seat switch and listen for the motor running under the failed seat. If you do not hear any sound coming from the motor, lift the switch from the door panel or the side of the seat. Check for incoming voltage at the switch using a test light. If there is no voltage, check the wiring between the switch and the fuse panel for an open or short. Unplug the switch and test it for continuity using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, replace the switch.

Test the relay if your circuit has one between the switch and the failed motor. Operate the switch and make sure the relay is receiving voltage from the switch; also, test for outgoing voltage from the relay to the motor using a test light.

Make sure the relay is properly grounded. Remove or move the seat to the side if possible for this test. If one of the voltages is not present, check that part of the wire for an open or short. If there is no outgoing voltage, test the relay for proper operation and replace it if necessary. Check for incoming voltage at the failed motor or motors using a test light. If there is no incoming voltage, test the wire or wires for continuity between the motor and switch or relay, looking for an open or a short.

Unplug the failed motor and test it outside, connecting the motor to the car battery using two jumper wires. If the motor still does not operate, replace it.

Inspect the drive assembly-transmission, gears and tracks-and make sure the mechanism is in good condition. Make repairs as necessary. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us.

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